365 Days of Cheese

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Day 1: What is cheese?
​Cheese is made from just three ingredients:  milk, salt and rennet.​

Day 2: The Big Cheese
​Where does that term come from?  It's both literal and figurative.​

Day 3: Milk Types
​There are four main milks used to make cheese, plus a few very obscure types.​

Day 4: Make Fondue
Get the recipe here and take a look at this groovy wine cask lazy susan for serving.​

Day 5: How is cheese made?
See the basic steps used to make almost any style of cheese.

​​Day 6: Parmigiano-Reggiano
​Check out these six amazing facts about the king of all cheeses.​​​

Day 7: How do you say that?
Learn how to pronounce Camembert and Manchego like a pro.

Day 8: Mozzarella the Traditional Italian Way
Some makers in Italy still make mozzarella completely by hand.

​​Day 9: What is rennet?
This ingredient separates curds from whey.

Day 10: What is cheddaring?
Making cheddar involves stacking, turning and milling.

Day 11: In love with Tete de Moine
It's Friday and we're in love with this washed rind from Switzerland.

​​​Day 12: Whey cool!
​The uses for whey, they liquid byproduct of cheese making, are endless.​

Day 13: Italian Formaggi
There are more than 450 varieties of Italian cheeses.

Day 14: Finding New Cheeses
We often find new delights at the annual Fancy Food Show.

​Day 15: American Super Gold
Eight American cheeses earned gold at the World Cheese Awards.​​

Day 16: Does cheese make you dream?
While it can help induce sleep, only Stilton was shown to have an effect.

Day 17: Celebrating 15 years of cheese!
We started with 50 cheeses and have since shared 2,193 cheeses.

Day 18: Mongers Choice Awards
Our mongers have voted on their favorites of the year.