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Three hand-cut wedges of our featured fromage (roughly 1 pound total), plus an amazing accoutrement that pairs perfectly with the selection, shipped anywhere in the USA.

Selections are shipped via FedEx to arrive on the doorstep on the second Friday of each month (shipping included in price).

Join the club for as long as you like. Just enter the number of months you'd like to join in the QUANTITY field above. 

To pay in monthly installments or schedule alternating months, please call us at 619.376.1834.

Here's what club members have enjoyed over the past year:

SEPTEMBER pata cabra + valdeon + nacencia + gordal olive tapenade
AUGUST harbison + idiazabal + bread cheese + s'mores chocolate bar
JULY kokos + piave stravecchio + andazul + hawaiian fruit paste
JUNE ewereka + grazin' girl blue + andante mezzo beer + salted pistachio honey
MAY pastoral + fleur du maquis + alp blossom + flower bud marcona almonds
APRIL usi lussi + oma + tomme perdiou + saucisson sec
MARCH 15 fields cheddar + cahill porter + crozier blue + brown bread crackers
FEBRUARY brillat cranberries + rouelle cendre + testun barolo + joy-filled caramels
JANUARY evalon + 1924 bleu + pecora nocciola + fruit nut cake
DECEMBER ubriaco al prosecco + brebirousse d'argental + truffled chevoo + wine confit with gold flakes
NOVEMBER reading + bleiki sbrinz + shelburne clothbound + prickly pear
OCTOBER red witch + midnight moon + moliterno + ghost cookies

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